Why We Love Fall

I woke up one morning listening to the rain falling on the trees outside of my home. The air coming through the window was cool and the bright colored maple leaves brought peace to the start of my day. I choose my favorite comfy sweater as I got dressed that day. I bounded out of the house, and praised God for all the beauty that surrounded me.

After the long hot days of summer, the cool air, easy sleeping nights and a change in the leaves brings happiness to each and every one of us. We have so much to look forward to in this season, the last of the pumpkin harvest brings us pies and Halloween delights. Days are filled with the falling of the leaves, which our children run, laugh and play in. We enjoy hot chocolate and marshmallows by the autumn fire, while we snuggle up with our partner and kids to keep warm.

Fall is a season of reflection on self, and time to be thankful for all that our blessed God provides us each day. It is a season of love, caring and preparation. For after the feast of Thanksgiving, we enter into a time of giving. After we stop our busy summer days, fall allows us to clean up the year and to prepare for the season of Christ.

For many of these reasons and countless others, fall is our favorite time of year. If you would like to witness more of God’s glorious creation, please look at the locations around the country that you can have outdoor devotions with us.