Holy Land Tour in Israel 2022, back2basics outdoor ministries

Why Should I Visit the Holy Land

Experience the Holy Land with Back2Basics in Israel from August 30, 2022 – September 8, 2022

Why Should I Travel to Israel?

– It’s a unique destination
– Spiritually impactful location
– Rich history and heritage
– Diverse geography with 4 seas and 6 climates
– Excellent restaurants and hotels

Why should Christians visit Israel?

– To discover the land of the Bible in real life
– Learn about biblical events where they actually took place
– New insights into God’s Word and His character, when the Bible comes to life
– Personal spiritual impact
– To gain a deeper understanding of the Bible
– Show support for the Holy Land

Is Israel Safe?

– Over 2 million tourists visited Israel last year
– Thousands of people are visiting Israel right now
– Israel is safer to visit than most major cities in the U.S. and Canada

For more information, please call 813-760-2393.

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