Trophy Deer Hunts Central GA

$1000 per hunter for a 2 day adventure.

Hunters are limited to one trophy buck (minimum 15” outside spread), one doe, and one hog per hunter.  This is a semi guided hunt.

Additional information on our packages:

  • There are NO trophy fees and NO high fencing.
  • Additional guest that are non-hunters are $125 per day for all hunts.
  • The cost includes the hunt, lodging, meals transportation to and from the stands, and quartering of the game.  The cost does not include licenses.
  • For deer and turkeys you will need a hunting license, a big game licenses and a harvest record.  For hogs you only need a hunting license.
  • Don’t forget that fishing is FREE with all hunts.

The hunting dates for the 2019-2020 deer season are listed below:

Archery season: September 14th – January 12th
Primitive weapons season: October 12th – January 12th
Modern firearms season: October 19th – January 12th

To get more info, please call 813-760-2393.