Take Time To Plan Your Next Adventure Vacation

As the holiday season has evaporated, and we settle in to the cloudy days of winter we start to crave for our next adventure. Perhaps a sunny beach on the coast of Florida or Mountain excursion in Montana. This is the time of year we sit and plan our vacation time throughout the rest of the year.

This last year I took a kayak trip down the Delaware for a week. During the day we would explore and see the beautiful mountains and wildlife that exist along the river. By night we would camp, tell stories and reflect upon our life. A lot of our trip was spent in the rain, which has its own beauty and itself. On our third day, we came across an area where islands had been built up by flooding. The only thing on these islands were tall grasses. We sat and watched the herons and eagles as the would go fishing. We sat for a few hours observing God‘s majesty before moving on, but not before reflecting on all that is good and pure in nature. The specific spot made a lasting impression on my mind and was the highlight of my trip.

We all get caught up in our suburban vacations. But sometimes it is good to go back to basics and observe something that man can’t build. I would encourage you to consider spending sometime in nature for your vacation this year.

For those that still want the comforts of home but experience nature, some of our packages include cabins or non-primitive accommodations. If you are looking for a hunting or fishing adventure, please consider that each state requires a license to participate in these sports. Some state licenses are limited and go really quickly earlier in the year, especially for non-residents.

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If you like to get back to basics this year let us help you plan your outdoor adventure.