Take Time To Give Thanks

As the temperature starts to drop as fast as the leaves do, it is important to reflect on the bounty that God has given us this year. November is the time of harvest. As we look deep into our hearts, we can see the goodness in our lives from what we have sewn. Take this and rejoice for the Lord is good to us.

5 ways to stay joyful with His fruits:

  1. Offer praise and thanksgiving for all that you have. Be grateful and reflect on what he has provided you, instead of reflecting on that in which you desire.
  2. Have quiet time with the Lord. Express to him what troubles you each and everyday. Release this anxiety and give your burdens to the Lord.
  3. Ask for Forgiveness. Forgiveness from our sins lightens our load on our heart. Allow the holy spirit to carry you and guide you toward the light.
  4. Walk out in the world with confidence. Connect with people to help bare witness by the light that shines in you. Use your actions to do good works, through your own work, play and recreation.
  5. Experience the natural world that God has given you. Walk in nature during all seasons and explore the slender that God created.

Do the activities each and every day and you will find that the Lord will lift you us and you will be glad.