Pray. Wait. Trust.

Three simple actions. Praying, waiting, and trusting…yet somehow these become the hardest tasks for us to complete.

God provides us with great instruction about the first, prayer. We are to turn our worries into prayers and in turn we will have immense peace [phillipians 4:6-7]. It’s not only out of desperation or devastation we should speak to God; in all of life’s moments, there should be conversation of praise, adoration, gratitude, and concerns that are shared.

Step two, waiting. Patience truly is a virtue. Our greatest falls come when we refuse to wait any longer for God’s plan and instead choose to make our own plan. In the moment, our plan seems much more promising than the thought of being still until God’s perfect timing. So sisters and bothers, just be patient and wait for it [habakkuk 2:3]. Easier said than done, I know.

That brings us to trusting. It goes without saying too much that we all have experienced that feeling of being burned by a close friend or family member. Hello trust issues. What really gets us stuck, is God desires to give us everything that is good – a great plan has been laid out for us – and all we have to do is give Him our trust [isaiah 49:23].

There are different seasons and reasons you must use these three critical steps. It may be for healing, a new opportunity, family blessing, or simply your next steps in your life. Whatever the case may be, you must keep your faith in this good, good father you serve.