Our Soul is Made for a Higher Quality of Life

Wilderness is a place for asking unsettling questions. Questions like,”Why am I here? Why do I feel the way I do?”, “Where am I going?” Or even, “What does being a disciple of Jesus actually mean?”

I’m concerned with the dizzying pace people are living in order to avoid loneliness. People often teeter on the edge of insecurity, rattled by broken families, confusion about one’s purpose, and constantly picking up pieces of their Humpty Dumpty lives… They feel helpless in repairing their shattered families, they feel self-conscious, inundated by unrealistic personas where people compare themselves to others best version of themselves on social media. And to top it off, the fear-mongering of modern media which only cares to fuel people’s anxieties so they can get into your pocketbooks, leaves us tumbling around in a river of opinions. We secretly wonder, “Who should I trust?”

Wilderness experiences are truly a reset button to the frozen screen of your overheating mind.

The Wilderness Reset Button

Wilderness experiences are truly a reset button to the frozen screen of your overheating mind. Intentional time in the wilderness is not an escape, it’s actually much more powerful than that. We escape when we feel out of control. We bail, we move on, we dismiss things altogether in order to regain control. Yet these are all coping mechanisms that take your soul in reverse. Coping mechanisms don’t solve any problems, they just get us through the day. Wilderness experiences on the other hand are not an escape. They are a saving grace. Wilderness inspires your soul by mirroring to it a higher standard for which you were created. When you are gazing on the pristine beauty of untrammeled wilderness, when you are sitting around a meal where there is nowhere else to go, your soul begins to taste a higher quality of life.

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