Hunt for Me

Issac, who was aging, called Esau to go out in the field to hunt for venison. Upon Esau’s return, he as to prepare a delicious meal in order to receive a blessing from his elderly father.

Even though Esau became a night hunter, he never received the blessing from his father.

Are there ever times you feel called to do something by God, to later bargain your way out of it, simply refuse, or feel as though someone else received your blessing before you?

At this point, you may feel resentment, envy, and unforgiveness brewing. When you open your heart to the Lord and to love, you will be transformed. Much like the story of Jacob and Esau ends, you will welcome the offered [even if it’s yourself] with open arms, gladness, and an abundance of joy.

[genesis 27:3] So now, I pray you, take your weapons, your [arrows in a] quiver and your bow, and go out into the open country and hunt game for me.

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