We’ve designed this Christian orientated hunting Get-Away to help meet some of the unique needs of Christian men who live in the “Fast LANE”. Even Jesus Christ considered His time with His disciples in the wilderness a priority to help equip Himself and His men to better meet the needs of the multitudes. We invite you to re-kindle your walk with God in the Rockies, and hunt for enjoyment, peace, spiritual renewal, motivation, leadership abilities, and personal vision. Spend seven days with Christian men up in the mountain wilderness cultivating new vision for life.

The Hunting “Get-Away” will be located 30 miles north of Durango, Colorado, in the San Juan Mountains. This area is bounded to the east by the majestic West Needle Mountains in the Weminuche Wilderness area, south to the Durango Resort Ski Area, and north to Silverton. This area is known as the “Switzerland of America”.

“Get-Aways” are headquartered at Cascade Lodge which offers good food, hot showers, adequate sleeping, and a western atmosphere.

Regulations, applications, and all hunting information can be obtained by writing or going to this website: www.wildlife.state.co.us Colorado Division of Wildlife 6060 Broadway Denver, CO 80216 (Do this by March 1) If you would like to hunt for a cow elk instead of a bull, you must apply before April 3. Bull licenses can be bought over the counter when you arrive or the Colorado wildlife website. Please buy your hunting licenses in Durango or on-line before you come to the lodge.

Colorado has four combined deer and elk seasons. We’ve chosen the second rifle season: Oct. 20-28 We’ll be hunting in game management area 74. Hunting directly from the Lodge is possible, or you can drive 3-25 miles on old logging roads. Horses will be available only to pack out game. A Hunter Safety Card is required to purchase a license if born after 1949. Colorado accepts valid hunter safety cards from other states.

* We encourage Father-Son partners, but only sons who are of hunting age (12 yrs) and older.

Expect the unexpected. Inclement weather and snow are always possibilities.
Participate in all topics and discussions.
Keep a personal daily journal of all that God is building into your life.
Temperature ranges from 10-75 degrees F.
Altitude will be approximately 9,000 – 10,000 ft.
Expect an adventure!

Add $10 for Habitat Stamp
Licenses: Resident Non-Resident
Deer: $31.00 $346.00
Elk: $46.00 $576 – bull, $351 – cow
Bear: $41.00 $351
A new habitat, $5.00 stamp is included in all licenses.
The cost for the entire Get-Away includes food, lodging, materials, packhorses, and related equipment. Hunting and fishing licenses are additional.

Second Gun Season: Oct. 22-28
Schedule your arrival around 2pm Thursday, Oct. 18, and departure on Friday, Oct. 26. This will allow you to arrive in time to purchase hunting licenses and get to Cascade Lodge before dark. You can also purchase your hunting license from the Colorado Division of Wildlife website.

Be sure to be at the lodge by 6:30pm, Thursday, Oct. 18th for the big kick-off dinner. Plan to be a significant part of the group; and plan to stay for the entire time even if you get your elk on the first day. It’s important to take time to totally set aside your normal responsibilities and pressures of life and get into an experienced authentic masculine fellowship. Last year a hunter said at the end of the Get-Away, “I can’t remember what day it is or what time it is, and I didn’t think about home once.” Deep refreshing of the body, mind, and spirit is necessary to refocus and provide better perspective when we do return to our homes and responsibilities.

By Car – Drive to Cascade Lodge. Follow the map at the back of this packet. Driving times to the lodge from major metro areas are approximately:
Minneapolis = 24 hours
Los Angeles = 15 hours
Phoenix = 8 hours
Albuquerque = 4 hours
Dallas = 18 hours
Denver = 7.5 hour
By Plane – Let us know your arrival time one-week before. Yes, Durango has a full-service airport. Some hunters prefer to rent a 4×4 at the airport and use it for the week.The lodge is 1 ½ hours from the airport. Hunters also like to fly cheaper to Albuquerque and then drive 4 ½ hours to the lodge.

5 A.M. – Breakfast
6 – 11 – Hunt, fish, relax
12 noon – Lunch
1 – 3 – Necessary nap time
4 – 7 – Hunt
7:30 – 8 – Dinner
8 – 9 – Biblical discussions, hunting plans
9:30 – Lights out

Designed to preserve the principle of PSALMS 46:10 “CEASE STRIVING, AND KNOW THAT I AM THE LORD.” NO CULTURAL CRUTCHES ALLOWED such as alcohol, tobacco, or personal computers. Bring with you a healthy sense of fun, adventure, and expect to get to know God better.

Fishing is available in several nearby mountain streams and lakes. License costs are as follows: 1 day = $9.00, 5 day = $21.00. We are located approximately 1.5 hours from the San Juan River, #! Quality Waters for fly fishing in North America. Keepers are 20”+. Kokanee Salmon: The spawning run is on at this time. Limit is 10 per day at area lakes. Bring larger weighted snagging hooks and waders.


PHYSICALLY: Expect to be challenged more than you can imagine!
If you have had an operation or a serious debilitating illness in the last six months, we would recommend a physical check-up and approval by a doctor. We highly recommend a program of running, swimming, or bicycling to strengthen your lungs and legs. We will be hiking from an altitude of 8,500 to 10,000 feet. Write down a daily exercise program that is workable for you. Ask a friend to hold you accountable to it. The goal is not to become a super Olympic athlete, but to be in shape to hike, explore, and maximize all you can learn from this type of wilderness experience.

MENTALLY: Your “comfort zones” will be expanded!
Expect to try new things, to have your limits challenged, and to accomplish some things you didn’t think possible before. Come planning to learn a NEW STYLE OF HUNTING. Come with the idea of living in God’s country, and of leaving the world’s system behind.

SPIRITUALLY: God will do more than you expect!
Each day will be a new unique opportunity to really allow Christ to be on the throne, and be Lord of your life. Ask God now to create a greater heart to know Him, and to be open to all He wants to teach you throughout the Get-Away. Ask him for a teachable and flexible
attitude, and to make your life count for eternity. Each day we will be getting into the Bible looking for principles that will help make us become authentic men of Christ.

— Fluorescent orange vests and hats (Colorado state requirement is at least 500sq.
— Orange camouflage is NOT legal without a solid orange vest over the top)
— Hiking boots (leather or nylon, broken in, waterproofed)
— Sleeping bags (to 10 degrees F – bunk beds & mattresses provided)
— Rain gear (large poncho with hood is best, or a rain jacket / suit)
— Canteen or water bottle.
— Lightweight daypack, or large capacity fanny pack.
— Small flashlight, with spare batteries and extra bulbs (mandatory)
— Sunglasses, lip balm
— Hunting knife and sharpener
— Rifle – .270 or .30-06 or larger caliber, ammo (use 170 – 200 grain bullets),
— cleaning kit, scope cover
— Men’s toiletries kit (toothbrush, soap, towel, etc.)
— Bible (small), journal notebook, and 2 pens
— Camera and plenty of film
— Lighter or fire starter
— Snacks, protein bars, vitamin packs, hard candy, dried fruits for your fanny pack;
— We also have snack foods available
— First-Aid kit
— Compact binoculars. There’s plenty of wildlife to look at.
— Fluorescent orange plastic trail marking tape
— Alarm Clock
— Tylenol, Advil, Rolaids, Q-Tips, tissues, hand lotion, etc.
— Space blanket
— Whistle
— Chemical type hand warmers
— Ear plugs (just in case someone snores too loudly)
— Foldout bone saw for cutting the pelvic bone and brisket of the elk

— Chains (If you have 4 wheel drive, bring 4 chains)
— Tow strap
— Winter survival items (blanket, extra food)

— Hunting waterproof boots, WELL BROKEN IN!!!
— Down parka or vest
— Wool or winter gloves, 1 pair
— Wool stocking cap (fluorescent)
— Wool socks, 2 pair
— Wool sweater, 1 each
— Knee-length cotton socks, 4 or 5 pairs
— Underwear, 4 or 5 sets
— Sweat pants and sweatshirt, 1 set
— Cotton T-shirts, 3 or 4
— Levi’s jeans, 2 pair
— Second pair of warm lightweight shoes
— Bring one set of casual in-town clothes
— Gore-Tex jacket and pants
— Hunting fleece jacket and pants
— Polypropylene or Thermax long underwear

— Ultra-light fly or spin-cast rod and tackle, waders for salmon fishing, snagging hooks
— Leather gloves
— Video camera
— Cellular phone
— Deep freezer on trailer
— Butchering equipment: paper, knives, tape, plastic sacks.

Two weeks before arrival the remaining balance is due.
Each “Get-Away” is limited to a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 30 persons. We reserve the right to cancel any Get-Away if less than 10 reservations are received. Send $100 Non-Refundable deposit 

Please send us your T-shirt size when you register.

For accurate documentation of your trip (minus your exaggerations) we may provide you an on-location video or DVD of the entire hunting conference.

QUESTIONS: If you need further information, contact us at: 

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