Pray. Wait. Trust.

Three simple actions. Praying, waiting, and trusting…yet somehow these become the hardest tasks for us to complete. God provides us with great instruction about the first, prayer. We are to turn our worries into prayers and in turn we will…

The Compass of Joy

Joy, along with peace, direct and guide us as believers. The greater your relationship becomes with God and the more you choose to affirm Him, the more joy you receive. These 10 scripture promises on how Joy will help you see the beauty in…

One Love

When we love in marriage, the way love as God intended it, loving our spouse becomes a reflection of the love for ourselves. This is because God has called H U S B A N D S  &  W I V E S  to become  O N E. Scripture tells us that…

Fix Your Eyes on Jesus

It's easy for us to miss this one. We often find our gaze affixed to patterns or things of this world as we ponder how this unintentional drift occurred. [youtube]

Toxic Influences

[youtube] How is the world desensitizing you? The little things in your life that may not seem harmful on the surface are slowly hurting you everyday.


His beauty & love chase after us every day! [psalm 23:6a] Not just today, but everyday God intentionally and relentlessly pursues you. God started wooing you well before you ever returned the favor. Why? Because His love is that great!


He will restore you! [psalm 23:3] He refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right path for his name’s sake. Whenever our soul grows weary, weak, or sorrowful, God is there to refresh, renew, and revive our soul. HE DOES IT.


God will sustain you! He will provide you with all of the comfort, support, affirmation, and strength you require. We often pass up God’s goodness for our own (humanly) strength. Why not tap into an unlimited source?