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Take Time With Family With No Technology

In today’s world, technology plays a major role in how families communicate with each other. With a variety of options to choose from Facebook, Skype, Twitter, email and text messages, families can readily keep in touch. However, as technology has taken over a lot of our communications, studies have shown that one-on-one human interaction has […]


Take Time To Give Thanks

As the temperature starts to drop as fast as the leaves do, it is important to reflect on the bounty that God has given us this year. November is the time of harvest. As we look deep into our hearts, we can see the goodness in our lives from what we have sewn. Take this […]

Why We Love Fall

I woke up one morning listening to the rain falling on the trees outside of my home. The air coming through the window was cool and the bright colored maple leaves brought peace to the start of my day. I choose my favorite comfy sweater as I got dressed that day. I bounded out of […]

Top Reasons to Prioritize Your Wilderness Trip

    Why should you prioritize your wilderness trip, you say? At least once a year, you and your fellow believers in your small group should be making plans to attend a wilderness retreat. You might be thinking this little escape from reality (read technology) is only another exercise of meeting with a few fellow […]


12 Day Devotional | Biblical Principles

You’ve provided us with such a tremendous response from our 12 ONE WORD resolutions post, we decided to give you a FREE printable! If you didn’t get a chance to see our original devotional set, you can find it at 2018 New Year Resolutions. Now, you have a few options. 12 Day Devotional: focus on one […]

2018 New Year Resolutions

For 2018, take a single action a month to focus on for your year’s worth of resolutions. These are 12 SIMPLE biblical principles we can all improve upon. To help explain each area of focus, we’ve offered the Bible’s explanation of how to apply every principle. May you have a blessed & happy New Year! Enjoy! […]

12 Days Till Christmas

Let’s CELEBRATE the true reason for the season this year. Remembering and honoring Christ’s birth sometimes gets pushed to the wayside with all of our holiday festivals, shopping, cookie baking, and family pop-ins. It’s time to start (or restart) family traditions of recounting the story leading up to Jesus’ birth until He is visited by […]