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Did you know that over half of Jesus’ teachings recorded in the Bible occurred in an outdoor setting? If you look at every block of His teaching in the New Testament, you’ll discover that more than 50% of them occurred in the outdoors, whereas just 16% occurred indoors. The particular indoor or outdoor setting of the remaining 33% of Jesus’ teaching is unknown, but judging from the context, the majority of these passages may also have occurred in the outdoors. In stark contrast, most of today’s preaching and teaching happens indoors where there are no natural creation analogies from which to draw.


I believe because I want, need, and choose to believe. In my heart, I know that God created everything and gave us His only son, Jesus, who died to save us from our sins. Knowing this and believing in Jesus Christ, I am a better man, living as a humble servant-follower. Being a servant to the Church, I am given the gift of making the lives of others a little better, which I am privileged to impact.

For the first 45 years of my life, I served myself, my wants, and all my desires. Although it seemed success had been achieved, it left me lost, empty, and soul searching for my purpose and true happiness. Since 2010, my focus shifted from serving myself to serving others. Humility set in and as I started making my faith journey a priority, to know God, I became an ambassador to His great commission. It has allowed me to live my life more freely, see the world more clearly, and has truly made a difference in my life. This has brought me to a place where I now know who I am in Christ and what I am here to do until I am honored to be called to serve Him in eternity.

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Different from mission trips or traditional church camps, Wilderness Ministry programs offer:

Custom designed experiences for each adventure group

Small, intimate groups of 15 or less

With locations in 11 states, every adventure is unique and never the same experience twice

Adventures are designed for adults first – mens’s or women’s groups, couples, and families

Trip activities are created to encourage spiritual leadership in the family

The opportunity to be more like Jesus – Jesus had a rhythm of retreat in His ministry, using the outdoors for renewal, teaching, trials, and trust-building