12 Day Devotional | Biblical Principles

You’ve provided us with such a tremendous response from our 12 ONE WORD resolutions post, we decided to give you a FREE printable! If you didn’t get a chance to see our original devotional set, you can find it at 2018 New Year Resolutions.

Now, you have a few options.

  1. 12 Day Devotional: focus on one word daily
  2. 1 Year Devotional: focus on one word each month

It’s simple, but not as simple as only meditating on one word. There are several bible verses for you to read…or at minimum get you started during your normal quite time that is consumed with God’s word. After you dive into scripture surrounding the biblical principle you are focusing on, take amount to reflect on the question provided.

Question? Does this mean there’s homework? Of course not! We want you to enjoy this and get the most out of the devotional. That old adage of “you get out only what you put in” definitely applies here