We believe in inspiring others by practicing Christian values in the great outdoors which results in positive life experiences.

Our great commission is to reach the unreached, educate the curious, motivate the committed, and inspire the convicted towards discipleship. It’s our obligation as Christians to spark an individual’s inner desire of wanting to make a difference by impacting their lives. One of Back2Basics’s focus areas in acheiving this is through realtionship building which sharpens discipleship skillsets naturally.

When you think about Jesus, Jesus said in order to spend intimate time with the Father, you must go into the wilderness. That was His plan – to get away from the crowded city [and people].

1 John 2:6 explains to us we must walk as Jesus walked. Back 2 Basics wants to give people the opportunity to retreat into the wilderness and experience God at a deeper level like they have never experienced before. So let’s go into the wilderness and seek God as Jesus did.

There’s nothing more rewarding than living for Christ everyday. 

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